Minhyuk tweeted photos from the MHGAF Farewell Party! ^^

장장8개월동안의 넝굴당촬영이 끝났습니다…아쉽지만즐거웠던종방연! 모든배우분과스텝한분한분사진못찍어서아쉽지만..모두 사랑합니다!!

[TRANS] Been filming since the month of August now MHGF has come to an end.. it’s unfortunate but I had fun at the ending party! It’s sad that I couldn’t take photos with all actors and staff personally one by one .. but I LOVE EVERYBODY!!


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CN Blue Kang Min Hyuk’s Army Enlistment Becomes a Hot Topic

CN Blue’s youngest, 21-year old Kang Min Hyuk was swept with rumors that he′d be going to the army, but it turned out that the rumors only began due to his role in the KBS drama Unexpected You

Kang Min Hyuk’s army enrollment became a hot topic after his character, Cha Se Kwang, received his service letter and was revealed to enter mandatory army services within a month in the drama. 

With Cha Se Kwang deeply in love with his sister’s sister-in-law, Bang Mal Sook (Oh Yeon Seo), he decides that he will get married before entering the army, creating a huge dilemma for both families.

Unexpected You, starring Kim Nam Ju and Yoo Jun Sang has been dubbed as a national drama with more than 40 percent in ratings. The drama is set to end on September 9 with a total of 58 episodes. 


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aww they will get married ^^

Kang Min Hyuk filming My Husband Got A Family^^ (2)

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adorable! trying to play with a kid kk~

Kang Min Hyuk filming My Husband Got A Family^^ (1)

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‘Unexpected You’, Kang Min Hyuk’s Surprise Marriage Announcement

Kang Min Hyuk expresses his desire to marry Oh Yeon Seo to his family.

On August 5′s episode of ‘Unexpected You’Se Kwang (Kang Min Hyuk) and Mal Sook (Oh Yeon Seo) finally gets caught by their families after running away from home together.

The families, angry that the two had run away from a few days without contact, ask the two what they plan to do. After quietly listening to the commotion, Mak Rye (Kang Bu Ja) blatantly asks, “Then are you two going to get married now?”

Everyone is caught off guard by Mak Rae’s sudden question. Chung Ae (Yoon Yeo Jung) says, “I think it’s too early to discuss marriage when they are just began dating.” Mak Rae replies, “You may be right…But I don’t know what relationships are like these days because I come from an older generation.”

She then tells Se Kang and Mal Sook that they can only continue their relationship if they plan on getting married. She then directly asks Se Kwang, “Do you have any desire to marry Mal Sook?”

He replies that he does want to marry her. He explains, “I don’t have the means to support her at this moment, but I will marry Mal Sook once I am able to.”


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CNBLUE member Kang MinHyuk and Oh Yeonseo share romantic scene in My Husband Got a Family^^

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[!!!] Don’t miss our maknae Lee Jung Shin’s cameo on My Husband Got A Family!

and here are some BTS shots from a fan in MHGAF filming with Minhyuk!

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[HD] Screencaps of Cha Se Kwang in MHGF Ep 37 (13)


[HD] Screencaps of Cha Se Kwang in MHGF Ep 37 (12)


[HD] Screencaps of Cha Se Kwang in MHGF Ep 37 (11)