Kang Minhyuk showed his unconditional love for a deaf girl

On the 7th of June,  the  full version of  Juniel‘s MV for her tittle song “Illa Illa” <My 1st June album> has been released. She will marked her debut with a showcase that will be held today on 7th June, 2 PM  KST at D-Cube Art Center.

The MV has gained lots of attention ever since the teaser released on 1st June due to it’s cast from “My Husband Got a Family” CNBLUE Kang Minhyuk and actress Park Haseon. The drama  has been reported to spend 11th weeks atop weekly TV rating chart.

The story of “Illa Illa” MV tells about a boy (Kang Minhyuk) who fell in love with an ordinary girl (Park Haseon) who worked at a flower shop. He can’t help but watch her every time he pass by the flower shop and sometime buy a flower bouquet.

 Suddenly, for some reason he has to go abroad. Minhyuk looking at his ticket, decided to confess to the girl before he leaves.

here’s the translation:

Start from 03:09

Minhyuk : “Excuse me..
I.. tomorrow, will be going abroad..
That’s why..(scratching head) I actually really…
like you..
By any chance….[the girl read MH’s lips: ‘I wonder if you like me too?’]
I don’t want to leave.

But she didn’t give response, and Minhyuk leave just like that, broken-hearted, thinking the girl doesn’t love him back.

Still confused of what Minhyuk just said, she finally realized and tried to chase after him, but she only found a painting of herself lying in front of her shop. Looking at it she knew that Minhyuklove her, but she couldn’t do anything.

Years after, the girl at the flower shop looking at the painting again and thinking about him.

Start 05:12

The girl : “That night..he just left like that..
I’ve never seen him again..
(flashback to the day after Minhyuk left)
Even now I still, couldn’t say„
(using sign language)

Me too…
to you..
love you… (I love you too)”

Eventually, the reason why she didn’t gave response that day wasn’t because she didn’t love him, but she couldn’t figured (faster) what Minhyuk  said because she’s mute (deaf). It’s sad knowing that both love each other, but just can’t be together.


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Watch the video again here ^^ so sad how this turned out T,T


120615 MinHyuk Official Photos from “Illa Illa” Music Video

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Kang Min Hyuk - Illa Illa BTS
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Kang Min Hyuk - Illa Illa BTS

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Kang Min Hyuk - Illa Illa BTS

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[ENGSUB] Juniel feat. Kang Min Hyuk - Illa Illa MV


Minhyuk in Juniel&#8217;s Illa Illa MV
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Minhyuk in Juniel’s Illa Illa MV

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Minhyuk in Juniel’s Illa Illa teaser 

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